.. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams .. - William B.Yeats

When working on websites, apps, programs or interfaces, I always try to force their base-concept into a corner.
I believe that only then are we able to produce forward-thinking, out-of-the-box concepts that may give birth to (re)creative designs.

Design may often be referred to as an alliance between style and substance, tending to combine aesthetics and functionality in a human, understandable & intuitive way. I fully agree with this notion, although I feel that crucial elements can be lacking. In my opinion, the manners of thinking entailed by the design process are actually part of the process itself. These "inherent thought patterns", those that motivated the questionings & reflexions that existed even before the birth of the conscious design process, I believe they are the fruit of years of daily-evolving forms of interaction.

Objects have always been manufactured with intention, therefore the essence and the future of design itself may be revealed in the true understanding of ourselves and the way we interact.